Cristhian Andrews is a BAFTA Longlist Nominee and a 17-time Award Winning American Film/Theater director, screenwriter, film composer and film editor. In 2012, Cristhian founded Audacity Innovative, a motion picture company, that strives to make films addressing social issues to ignite social change. Audacity’s recent film “Najmia” based on the true story of the last days of a pregnant Yemeni 12-Year Old child bride was longlisted for a 2017 BAFTA award. In 2016 it was an official selection at Berlin Interfilm film festival competing against the 2016 Oscar-Nominated film “Shok” and Bafta-Nominated film “Samuel-613”. In 2014, his film, “Before We Lose” inspired by the political conflicts of Post-Chernobyl health effects in Turkey, competed for a “Light in Motion” award in Ireland’s Foyle film festival against both Oscar-Nominated film “Parvaneh” and Oscar-Nominated & Bafta winning film “Boogaloo and Graham”. As of 2018, Cristhian completed producing and composing the documentary “2030” which demonstrates modern Cryonics (the state of freezing dead people for later revival) and the life and legacy of futurist FM 2030. It features David Hanson, the inventor and genius behind ‘Sophia’, the first human-like robot to receive citizenship and focuses on the effects that cryonics will have on modern society. Cris is a former editor at Vice & IW Group. He attended The Juilliard School and The New School on a Music, Film & Screenwriting Scholarship. 
After touring and performing at the White House with Wynton Marsalis for Michelle Obama, he began work as producer and composer to Travolta Cooper’s film “The Black Moses.” The film premiered at Marche du film and International Village Market in Cannes film festival in May 2014. It examines the Moses mythology as it was manifested through the life and times of the first prime minister of the Bahamas. It stars Dennis Haysbert, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, sir Sidney Pitier former South African president Thabo Mbeki (for Nelson Mandela) former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney and former Jamaican prime minister PJ Patterson. It closed the Bahamas International Film Festival as Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech did in 2010. As a result, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Michael Jackson foundation premiered the film. The Black Moses acquired distribution in Cannes Film Festival. 


Over the past four years, Cristhian has directed a number of films including “One Second changes everything”, “Najmia”, “The Poem of a Memory”, “In the life of a child” and “Atrocitas”. The films directed by Cristhian Andrews have screened and continue to screen at numerous national and international film festivals including Ankara International film festival (Turkey), Farcume festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro (Portugal), Shortcutz Amsterdam (Netherlands), Qabila film festival (Egypt), Regina international film festival (Canada), Vasteras film festival (Sweden), Interfilm Berlin (Germany), Forum in Law, Society and Culture/FOLCS (USA), Charleston international film festival (USA), Miami international film festival (USA), Alexandria film festival (USA), Anchorage international film festival (USA) and Trinity international film festival (USA).
He also co-produced, composed and orchestrated Habeeb Lawal’s “Veil of Silence”. The film highlights the new law that prohibits same-sex marriage in Nigeria. The bill was signed in early January and states that those who support gay rights or fail to report someone they know to be gay will be imprisoned. It premiered at BFI London Flare, Amnesty International film festival in Toronto, the foreign ministry of Germany, minister of foreign affairs (Germany) Leeds Queer film festival in Leeds, United Kingdom, Bloor Hot Docs, Cinema in Toronto, Melbourne , Queer film festival in Australia and at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations office in New York City.
Cristhian attended the New School University in New York City and continues to work on several films currently in development. He speaks French and  Spanish and holds a VFR private pilot license. 

“The person you seek to become is the person you decide to be .”

The Beginnings

Prolific Artists pursuit of concepts and ideas begin at the private practice of BAFTA-longlist nominee and 17-time award winning director Cristhian Andrews. In 2009, after transferring from Juilliard into The New School University for a BFA in Screenwriting & Music, Cristhian began diligent practice and study of Uta Hagen, Meisner and Strasberg’s Methods as it related to the use of modern neuropsychology, engrams and behavioral science.  In 2011, with the effort of close actor friends Cris began the practice of establishing his personal methods and practice of behaviorism in the effects of an actor’s process as he established his own independent private studio. After much success with his methods, and in full respect of the acting masters, he briefly began directing August Wilson, Tennessee Williams and his own work in Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway Productions. Long after dozens of productions Cris began experimenting with film as his family (former political journalists) began guiding him towards the research process of covering true story material. Learning the ropes of journalistic real-world analysis, investigation, and research, Cris took matters into his own hands by documenting underreported real-world conflicts. After falling in love with journalism, he began combining his neuropsychological behavioral and Strasberg-like methods with his journalistic learnings and reintroducing them back to students at his private studio. It was here that the methods for Prolific Artists began.
The name Prolific Artists stems from the simple aspect of Cristhian’s experience with film. “Without innovative and intellectual collaboration amongst peers, nothing great can ever come of it.” It is with these thoughts that the thoughts became ideas, which then became actions. After a collaboration of several professors that shared the same ideology, beliefs, and empowerment goals, Cristhian was able to put a team of Prolific Artists together. He was fed up with how the system taught acting, some of the processes it used but most importantly how the University For-Profit System had taken advantage of millions of artists by having them start their lives with more than $100k in debt for the simple desire to be educated. 
“Although there are some extraordinary techniques, reasonings, and concepts to be learned from Meisner, Strasberg, and Stella, you are locking down students to methods which all constitute (1935) outdated styles of learning and strict, draconian methodological ways which commit to one way or the other blocking certain parts of a person’s unconscious and pre-conscious approach of accessing raw truth and the human spirit. Our minds and the way we process information today, and the way we learn determinately have to progress and continue to mature. Essentially, although all old techniques can be effective, all of them collide with each other as they all lack some specific infrastructure and essence, producing roadblocks that later prevent a person from unlocking certain aspects of the human body, soul and mind to the utmost degree. No matter how studied you are in a certain technique, you are still stonewalled and blocked in various areas of your humanity. For this reason, it is our unconditional ambition to guide actors in the construction of never-before-attempted next-generation new-method workflows and character development processes.”
Being heavily influenced by forward-thinking geniuses by the likes of Elon Musk, Cris believed that his transformed methods, along with a cohesive team of high-end intellectual professors from top Universities could bring something special to actors. After gathering the team, he took it a step further by pushing ideas that only existed in the entrepreneurial world. Desiring for Prolific Artists to be a catalyst for change, he infused programs and concepts that only Silicon Valley-based institutions were developing. Aside from contemporary and groundbreaking extreme high-end academia, he introduced personal-development and life coaching practices to be used in acting courses along with individual separate programs. He developed “The Prolific Collective” as a form of connecting and casting his students to star in high-end award-worthy independent feature films without the roadblock of lacking connections or competing in the saturated actor’s market. He developed methods of getting actors to stand out by pushing for Oscar-Winning work. He introduced forward-thinking social media strategies and modern engagement methods he personally learned from several entrepreneurs. Actors were paying very high for headshots, so he made it possible for actors to have affordable headshots, thus changing the $600+ abusive headshot industry. He wanted personal connections with current and future students, so he introduced an open channel of communication where it offered one-on-one help and guidance free of charge. For actors across seas in the UK, Australia, France, Canada with a desire to experience classes but not being able to physically attend, he developed the Panorama program, consisting of immersive 360 Virtual Reality Programs where actors anywhere while wearing VR Goggles, could go inside a class as if they were there and experience Prolific Professors as they teach students. (Watch here with Goggles for an example). He developed the Spotlight reel program, where actors without reels or proper reels could create more engaging and emotional content. He developed Prolific Access, a platform for actors to submit to films, plays and projects free of charge, without the hardship of having to pay to other third-party companies to simply submit. He developed forward-thinking industry workshops, where actors could come in, learn from a top casting director, director, manager, or agent and be seen by them free of charge thus interrupting the “pay-to-play” companies that take advantage of actors. He infused high-end castings from Breakdown Services and brought it to his hard-working actors. Lastly, Cristhian developed an Instagram shorts program where actors could craft, write, film and share their work-in-progress character work from class (as a mini short film) as a means of documenting their process, learning from it, and sharing it with others. 
Cristhian’s mission is for Prolific Artists to be a catalyst for change and a catalyst for rebirth; giving, providing and presenting life-changing teachings through all forms of communications and actions and moving actors forward.