The most exuberant gift is that which strives to accomplish the deed to serve an actor’s future. Prolific Artists hereby presents the actor with complimentary free-of-charge industry workshops. 


The list below, is a list of working Casting Directors who we hope to bring in free-of-charge for the aspiring actor.
Adrienne Stern Casting
Aleta Chappelle Casting
Alan Filderman Casting
ABC Entertainment Casting
Ann Forry Casting
Amy Gossels Casting
Alexa L. Fogel Casting
Aibel/Bergstein Casting
ABEL Intermedia/Barbara Barna Casting
Avy Kaufman Casting
Antonia Dauphin Casting
Barbara McNamara Casting
Beth Melsky Casting
Binder Casting
Barden/Schnee Casting 
Bernard Telsey Casting
Breanna Benjamin Casting
Brandon Dubeansky Casting
Bonnie Finnegan Casting
Bowling/Miscia Casting
Bob Cline Casting
Brooke Thomas Casting
Caroline Sinclair Casting
Calleri Casting
Carol Hanzel Casting
Chantiles/Vigneault Casting
Cindi Rush Casting
Cindy Tolan Casting
Chrystie Street Casting
Caparelliotis Casting
CBS Television Casting
Cody Beke Casting
Beth Melsky Casting
Billy Hopkins Casting
Brette Goldstein Casting
Carol Hanzel Casting
Daniel Swee Casting
Denise Fitzgerald Casting
Destiny Casting
Deborah Brown Casting
Daryl Eisenberg Casting
Del Valle Casting
Donna DeSeta Casting
Donna McKenna Casting
Donna Grossman Casting
Donald Case Casting
Doreen Frumkin Casting
Douglas Aibel Casting
Dyane-Foster Casting
Ellen Chenoweth Casting
Ellen Lewis Casting
Elissa Myers Casting
Eve Battaglia Casting
Erica Palgon Casting 
Estrin/Bergstein Casting
Finnegan/Jacobs Casting
Idell James Casting
Impossible Casting
 Gayle Keller Casting
Grande/Morris Casting
Garrin-Teed Talent
Geoff Josselson Casting
Ilene Starger Casting
Irene Stockton Casting
Laura Stanczyk Casting
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Lois J. Drabkin Casting
Lee Genick/Sylvia Fay & Associates Casting
Lewis & Fox Casting
Liz Woodman Casting
Lynn Kressel Casting 
Herman & Lipson Casting
Harriet Bass Casting
Henry Russell Bergstein Casting
Howard Cherpakov Casting
Hughes Moss Casting 
Jay Binder Casting
Jack Doulin + Sharky Casting
Jessica Daniels Casting
Jerry Beaver Casting
Jaderlund Casting
Jamibeth Margolis Casting
Jodi Collins Casting
Jen Rudin Casting
Joan Lynn Casting
Joel Manaloto Casting
Judy Henderson & Associates Casting
Judy Keller Casting
Julie Tucker Casting 
Julie Schubert Casting
Jonathan Strauss Casting 
Joy Dewing Casting
Jennifer Ruding Casting
Jennifer Euston Casting
Jennifer Ajemian Casting
Kathleen Chopin Casting
Kristine Bulakowski Casting
Kathy Wickline Casting
Kee Casting
Ken Lazer Casting
Koblin/Harding Casting
Kipperman Casting
Kimberly Hope Casting
Kromer Casting
Laura Rosenthal Casting
Mark Saks Casting
Marc Hirschfeld Casting
Mackey/Sandrich Casting
Matthew Messinger Casting
Matthew Maisto Casting
MelCap Casting
Meredith Tucker Casting
McCorkle Casting
Michael Cassara Casting
Mikie Heilbrun Casting
Michele Pulice Casting
Meredith Tucker Casting
Moss Kale Anastasi Casting (MKA Casting)
Mungioli Theatricals, Inc.
NBC Entertainment Casting
Nancy Piccione Casting
Nora Brennan Casting
Paladino Casting
Orpheus Group Casting
Stephanie Klapper Casting
Stephanie Holbrook Casting
Sean De Simone Casting
Stuart Howard Associates Casting
Susan Shopmaker Casting
SH Entertainment (Stuart Howard and Paul Hardt)
Strickman-Ripps Casting
Suzanne Ryan Casting 
Stewart/Whitley Casting
Sound Lounge Casting
Telsey and Company
Tara Rubin Casting
Tara-Anne Johnson Casting
Todd Thaler Casting
Tucker/Meyerson Casting
Rich Cole Casting
Roman Candle Casting
Rosalie Joseph Casting
Robin Carus Casting
Roundabout Theatre Company
Rubenstein Casting and Production, LLC
RJH Casting
Vinnie Potestivo Casting
Wojcik/Seay Casting
Wulf Casting


We are devoted to providing a private environment of the highest caliber to those who value exceptional mentorship and learning experiences. Due to the high number of applicants expressing interest in attending, Prolific Artists takes preference in inviting those who show qualities of commitment to the craft and desire to succeed. Inviteés receive complimentary access to our New Age Workshops every week and an extensive collection of free valuable content courtesy of Prolific Artists. To be eligible, enter your email below and stay tuned on our Facebook Group (Here) and our Instagram Page (Here)

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