Every person is deserving of equal opportunity at creating destiny. We challenge the current for-profit University system by providing the vehicle needed to change the system & hope to create genuine life-changing experiences for your career while being the catalyst for change and the catalyst for rebirth. 


Surrealistic Academia

Standing tall as one of the world’s leading acting institutions, Prolific Artists redefines drama with its prolific artists; world-renowned masters of the art. Our principal spine of artistry stems with world-class professors from The Juilliard School, Yale School of Drama, The New School for Drama, NYU and Columbia University. Redefining our consortium, our academia’s infrastructure consists also of masters from selected distinguished acting studios from around the world. Prolific Artists strives for paramount excellence within each actor, in full pursuit of achieving artistry of the highest caliber.

Nurturing Evolvement

Prolific Artists takes an active role in the personal development and self-empowerment movement. Although early life progressions and early formative experiences within family, school, etc. shape us as adults, personal development should not stop later in life. Prolific Artists guides actors to develop the four fundamental keys to empowerment, development, and success. Prolific Artists fosters and advances the psychology and skills actors need to set life goals enhancing their employability prospects, raise their confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life.

Career Endowments

Our third priority as a consortium is to create a sustainable future for each actor. Through Prolific Artists’ current 4, 12, 20 week long programs, the ‘Prolific Collective’ programs, Industry Workshops and High-End Castings, we strive to give the actor opportunities which will lead to the advancement of their careers. Through the industry members they meet, the directors and producers they begin work with, and the Top Festival Award-Winning-captivating films we cast and support [through the Prolific Collective], our goal extends towards the design,  actualization, and realization of the actor’s future.


Our mission at Prolific Artists is grounded within the core values of integrity, truth, and discipline.
Continually enforcing these values, we strive to bring out paramount excellence within each actor, in full pursuit of achieving artistry of the highest calibre . Prolific Artists is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and networking; to the humanity of the Consortium’s environment; and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community. A premier international acting consortium, Prolific Artists inspires and empowers highly committed individuals and actualizes their potential. We take full advantage of New York’s abundant learning and performance opportunities, preparing our students to be ingenious artists, imaginative and effective contributors to Film, Television, Theater and society. Furthermore, the mission of Prolific Artists is to provide the highest caliber artistic education for actors from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens.
xProlific Artists collectively seeks to expand and craft the creative methods, ideas and concepts that legendary artists & innovative artists, organizations, non-profits, businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing to continue to move forward with the ever saturated and rapid moving world.


1.) Prolific Artists identifies and attracts the most committed actors from around the world and strives to ensure that financial considerations are not a deterrent to their enrollment.
2.) Prolific Artists provides an educational environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual, and personal growth of its students and prepares them to embark on successful careers and productive lives as actors and citizens, as well as to become leaders in their professions.
3.) Prolific Artists continues to elevate its educational and artistic standards, remaining responsive to changing conditions in the worldwide Film/TV and dramatic arts community.
4.) Prolific Artists continues to attract and retain renowned faculty members in all disciplines, by providing a collaborative work environment and involving them fully in the artistic and educational life of the community.
5.) Prolific Artists takes an active role in shaping the future of Film, Television  and Theater by providing actors the necessary resources, both in connection with industry professionals and education as well as exemplary theatrical education programs to the community and encouraging its students to serve as advocates for the dramatic arts in society.
6.) Prolific Artists engages a broader, global audience by expanding access to the Prolific Artists experience and serving as a thought leader in the global conversation about the importance of dramatic arts.
Moreover, the transforming role of Prolific Artists is to help committed students harness their dedication to become communicative artists, imbued with the passion and understanding to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences. It is this process that prepares our students for a life in Film, Television, and Theater.