It is our dying pursuit to bring exhilarating change to your life. We hereby present you with the opportunity to audition for high-end casting breakdowns all due in part of your work-ethic.   


The old way of trying to get an agent and manager’s attention followed by praying that you get sent out on high calibre life-changing auditions is too unpredictable to dictate opportunity. For this reason, we introduce a new era of casting opportunities; a talented actor will now have the same opportunity as an actor currently signed with Creative Artists Agency by breaking the bond of the Hollywood judgemental game. Say goodbye to the old. Breakdown Services is now inside Prolific Artists. 


Prolific Artists hereby takes the responsibility to overcome the obstacles that actors face today. Today, actors that have agents and managers share the same sentiments when it comes to the frustration felt of not being able to be sent out on bigger and better auditions that the top four Hollywood agencies are sending their clients on. Whether it’s the caliber of the auditions that your representation is sending you out on, or the lack thereof, the other side of the coin lies with actors without representation. Obtaining representation can also be a frustrating and daunting task.
We believe actors shouldn’t have to condone the judgement that Hollywood casts on actors. We live in a different era today, and every one has the opportunity of an audience. With the state of the internet, that of social media, there are audiences waiting to engage with the people and artists whose attention is most significant.
If you’re magnificently talented, you deserve recognition. However, in today’s Hollywood game, the powerhouse is the only one that decides if you get in or not. Most of the time, if you’re talented you don’t get in. 
As of today, we’d like to change that. If you’re good, we respond. You deserve the same auditions as actors with CAA. If you’re not as good then you have work to do. Our beliefs lie with giving opportunity and priority to students who have reached high levels of acting and historical character transformation work thus gifting the endowment of Breakdown Services Castings to the select few students we believe represent and display Oscar-Qualifying traits. Please understand that actors do not in any way have access to the Breakdown Services Platform; rather we work closely with managers who believe you represent the vision we stand for and the greatness we strive for. 
Moreover, only students in our advanced programs who display work-ethic and outstanding talent, will receive priority and will be added to our “First In Line” Prolific Access Board thus receiving the opportunity to be submitted to Breakdown Services Castings. Actors will now have the same opportunity to succeed. It all comes down to work ethic, commitment and passion for the craft. You create your own luck.


Aside from high-end castings, Prolific Artists will be publishing weekly and daily independent castings through our email system, Instagram and on our Facebook Group. (Found Here) It is with these projects that relationships are built, demo reels created and your craft practiced. We implore you to take advantage of every casting we publish. It only takes one industry relationship to change your destiny.