Small Screens | Powerful Stories

Prolific Artists supports actors who unconditionally adore the craft of acting and storytelling. #ProlificSnaps was created in an effort to discover visionary artists in the mobile space and help support actors with complimentary giveaways for those who exhibit the most emotionally captivating and artistically engaging shorts. This new program provides the perfect opportunity for actors who are passionate about narrative storytelling to present their mastery of the smallest screen. Prolific Artists is excited to support the next generation of storytellers and promote creativity on Social Media.
To begin, simply shoot your masterpiece on your mobile phone based on a character you’ve been working on. Please rest assure to include light on the actor’s faces. Please note that all video entries must be shot vertically for Instagram’s 4:5 aspect ratio. You can create your ProlificSnap in many ways, but for best results make use of the mobile editing apps such as LumaFusion & iMovie available on the App Store. 


1. Shoot your short film, scene or monologue with your mobile phone based on the character, character’s life story or story plot you’re working on this month.  
2. Make sure to film your story in the vertical position (the way you normally hold your phone.) Keep the resolution at 1080 x 1920. (9:16 Ratio)
3. Create a “Selects” list, where you identify the best shots/takes/angles and use those to bring into iMovie, LumaFusion or FCPX for further trimming either on your mobile device or laptop. 
4. You can edit your Short/Scene or Monologue in many ways, but it should be no longer than 60 seconds long. Feel free to put an adequate score or song if it’s fitting. Remember that Facebook (who owns Instagram) now allows users to use music in videos from music belonging to any of the three major labels (Universal, Sony and Warner Music). You have a wide selection of scores and music. Pick wisely! 
5. Any content that is unnecessarily and explicitly violent or profane will be automatically disqualified. Use this in moderation. 
6. Once you are done editing your short, make sure to give color to your film by applying a color filter to your whole film. iMovie and Luma Fusion have several color filters inside the app. You can also apply one of Instagram’s color filters. When done coloring, upload it to Instagram & Facebook with the hashtags #ProlificArtists and #ProlificSnaps so we can find your submission. Be sure to set your post to public. 


Prolific Artists Staff watch all the videos that have been Hashtaged #ProlificArtists and #ProlificSnaps and choose one winner each week. The winner will receive a complimentary Casting Director Workshop and Masterclass of choice. And yes, you could win once a week every week if your storytelling and acting is that good!


· Keep it vertical! — Stick to shooting your ProlificSnap Story vertically (avoid horizontal)
· Keep it Oscar Qualifying! — Emotionally engage us with your acting, plot and editing.  Make it artistic, truthful and innovative. We strongly discourage bad language, inappropriate storylines, violence, and/or discrimination of any kind. If you have any questions or need help of any kind, feel free to reach out to us at