The idea of showcasing yourself in a video that didn’t have the best intentions to display your illustrious greatness is nothing short of bad marketing. At Prolific Artists, we pride ourselves in executing Oscar Qualifying performances and capturing them on film. We implore you to raise your standards for what you can accept as a demo reel; we can be sure your audition ratios will feel the difference.


The reel plays the most significant part in your audition ratios. From our close experience of working with Casting Directors, the moment of judgement happens in the opening 5-10 seconds of your acting. 97% of the time, that is enough time Casting Directors need to decide if they should call you in. For this reason, it is crucial that you showcase elements of your talent that have the ability to affect them on an emotional level rather than on a judgemental level. The secret lies in forming the element of emotional captivity, not judgemental attributes. When your acting is impeccably empowering, is it here that lies the key to a successful audition entry. 
When you decide to pursue a new film scene, we discuss your role, relentlessly rehearse, we write and design scenes around the qualities you need to showcase; thus positioning your unique qualities at the forefront of greatness. A scene will undergo pre-production (locations, casting of your scene partner and schedules) followed by the production of rehearsing, blocking, filming, and pick-ups, and ending with post-production in editorial, digital intermediate (color grading), sound editing and score. Your scene will be directed by BAFTA Longlist Nominee and 17-time Award-Winning Director Cristhian Andrews. We will not partake in anything less than crafting an Oscar Nominated Clip. 



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